The Love and Support

When I was young I did a lot of activities for my leisure and fondness, sports definitely available were Fishing, camping, hiking, fishing and so on. However, I was unaware that one of my favorite leisure activities which I have to confess, considering me a sports fanatic, would be Soccer. I was younger then and had a great love for adventure and for the game of Soccer which I have been playing ever since I got a kick.

My love for Soccer and hope for it to live on such as having the opportunity to play this game live, never being able to experience it like it happened years ago when I was still young and had a chance to do that through sporting events of soccer was a big demand for me. This was especially so since my father was always fixing time to watch real matches through TV. At that time I was a kid, still very young, loving to view these games with my dad, considering me his favorite sportsMen. I am sure this kind of favor from dad had a great impact on my love for the sport. This favor also inlcude doing a sports betting online like at Sweet456 sportsbooking site.

When my first game ended in a defeat, I found myself doing a lot of reflecting on the “meaning of the match” since I was quite annoyed realizing that although I threw my real support behind the team, it soon appeared that the team was not the one that I thought it was.

I realized my mistake of calling the team a disgrace to the game andouflaged my own convict at the back, although I told myself at the time that I admit my defeat at the time and outlets my own feelings, my father was quite happy about it all along, admired how I acted at the sports scene, and enjoyed having me around his house, talking football stuff.

Anyway, my love for the sport continued and such that at the age of 17 I decided to try a soccer transfer of most of my savings to be able to afford a brand new soccer kit for a small local team in order to experience being able to play in the field, actually seeing some action and to feel the real game of football. All in all it was a tough year facing a financial crisis but during the end of the year something unexpected happened. This was when I learned my first game in the field, Fenway Park.

I had no idea about how my life would progress later, and I had no idea about my future but what I did during this initial period, was to throw myself in the arms of a bunch of crazy fans of the Red Sox because this team had been having record-breaking losing seasons and being one of the laughing stocks of the sport.

Going by that logic you would think this would be a disadvantageous situation for me, but actually, I found it to be a motivating factor. For me, it was all about joining the team of crazy fans and doing my best and whatever destiny had in store for me had yet to come around.

Needing to be the crazy one, fighting against the odds so I can live my dream. All of my skills and training that day in the stadium had a dual meaning. It was an reclaimed passion. When I later became a soccer player myself (which happened to be 10 years ago) it was still the same thing. Being part of the Red Sox crazy fan base I became part of the team too.

The love and support that I receive from them had simply been too much to bear and for that reason most of it had disappeared forever. I had since lost the passion of ensuring the success of the team – something which gave me the real meaning of what being a real fan is all about. I understood what some people say – you can never call something your own again but you can always play games which you can enjoy and connect. I certainly had always the chance to do that and it had also been part of my initial decision. I thought about the meaning behind it all.

The love and support has appeared again this year and I am actually watching the games with a new intensity and this is mainly due to the reason that I was completely hooked. The tournament which is currently going on is comparable to the World Cup and it has that same kind of crazy atmosphere to it. It is amazing!

I hope you all understand my love for the game and for those crazy fans out there who have stuck with it for so many years. I have kept up with the live action and look forward to it often.

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